Creating Inclusive Employment Opportunities

New Growth Project employs neuro-diverse individuals on our farm and through curating beautiful gifts.



Many jobs are available on the farm.  From planting seeds, transplanting, harvesting, and working in our farm store, many skills are mastered.



From our farm to your home, our employees work to create beautiful candles, soaps, and bath salts to bring beauty and calm to your home.



Partnering with local businesses that support providing inclusive job opportunities we offer beautiful gift boxes for your clients, employees and friends.



The farm store is open!  Shop the “fresh from the field” vegetables, herbs, and eggs in our store Tuesday- Friday 10-6 and Saturday 9-1.

Also, you can visit us at Romence Gardens on every other Thursday beginning June 15th and at the Rockford Farmers Market every other Saturday starting June 24th.

81% of Individuals with Cognitive Differences Are Unemployed

 Imagine waking each day without a sense of purpose or direction.  New Growth Project creates job opportunities through farming, creating products for your home, and curating beautiful gift boxes.   

Meeting our employees at their current skill level, we find an appropriate job where individuals can experience immediate success.  Then, through our peer-mentoring program, learn new skills, gain confidence, and become a part of the community.

Buy Fresh Vegetables from New Growth Project

Enjoy The Bounty

CSA or Market Member programs for fresh vegetables.

Anyone can shop at our farm store. But we also offer a CSA (shares bought in advance) and a Market Membership that gives our members a discount on their purchases of farm fresh produce. Our market is powered by our employees.

8605 Peterson Street Rockford Mi


New Growth Project Farm Store


Our farm store features chemical-free vegetables, fresh flower bouquets, as well as our apothecary line. Our employees will experience many job opportunities here from cleaning, stocking, packaging, and assisting our customers.


“I love it here. I want to be here every day.  Who wouldn’t love working here?”

Meghan B.

Your Support Makes It Possible